Freight Shipping Done Your Way

Whether you prefer us to handle all of the freight shipping details or like to use your own carriers, we’ve got you covered.

Freight Shipping with Amazon Pallet Liquidation

  1. During checkout, select your shipping address type (residential or commercial).
  2. If shipping to residential, indicate whether a lift gate is required.
  3. Select “Freightquote” to see a list of carrier options.
  4. Select the freight carrier of choice from the provided list.
  5. Complete your checkout.
  6. Amazon Liquidation handles the rest of the shipping details.
  7. You will be notified by email when your order ships.

Important Details for Bank Wire Payments:

  • You have three (3) business days to issue the payment
  • The customer name on the bank account wire must match the company name used when placing the order
  • Please send a wire transfer (or Behalf* payment) only, we do NOT accept ACH payments
  • Please include the Order ID on the reference of your wire. If paying for multiple orders, please include all Order IDs
  • Once the payment is applied by our billing department, you will receive an email confirmation

Important Policies & Requirements

  • We can ship to any address in the continental United States for US-based inventory and any address in Canada for Canada-based inventory. We do not ship internationally. If you require international shipping arrangements, contact our customer service to receive a customs broker contact who can assist you.
  • Any buyer who arranges their own shipping is responsible for the carrier receiving payment regardless of whether the buyer’s broker has been paid.
  • If shipping to a residential address, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the carrier provides a lift gate to unload the pallet(s).
  • Any buyer who arranges the shipping of purchased goods waives the right to claim damages or non-conformity of goods once the goods are released by the seller.

Pickup Appointments

  • Drivers showing up without a same-day appointment will be turned away.
  • Driver must present a BOL that matches the one uploaded to your order or the shipment will not be loaded.
  • Missing a pickup time by more than two (2) hours may result in an appointment cancellation and a delay in your order fulfillment. Any costs incurred due to a missed appointment are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Failure to pick up a paid order within five (5) business days will incur a daily storage fee of $7 per pallet.
  • Orders that are not scheduled for pickup are subject to cancellation and the associated buyer will incur a 10% restocking fee of the final transaction price along with having their account suspended.
  • Pickup appointments canceled within twenty-four (24) hours of the scheduled appointment time may incur a restocking fee of $150.