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Wood Pallets For Sale

We are the nation’s leading supplier of wooden pallets, offering everything from new and custom pallets to repaired and remanufactured pallets.

Best-In-Class Wooden Pallets Supplier

With over 50 years of experience in the manufacture and selling of wood pallets, the products and solutions we offer are certain to optimize your supply chain.


Kamps specializes in both new and repurposed pallets. Our pallets are made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Every pallet is meticulously inspected to ensure that it fulfills our requirements and adds value to your business.


We also ensure that every facility meets this standard by having company-wide uniform building, repair, and quality control procedures. That means that no matter whatever Kamps location you purchase your wood pallets from, you can expect consistency in product and service quality.

Wood Pallets For Sale

Buy New Pallets

Our new pallets are custom-made to your exact specifications and requirements. Depending on the project requirements, we will either hand-build a new pallet or use automated technology.


New wood pallets can be manufactured from the ground up to meet your exact specifications. They can service your company for several journeys without needing maintenance.


When repairs are required, new pallets can be reconditioned recycled pallets and continue to serve your business. New pallets are aesthetically beautiful, a good investment, and are available in a variety of sizes and types.

Buy Recycled Wood Pallets

When compared to new pallets, recycled pallets are a more cost-effective and environmentally beneficial solution. We may provide two types of recycled pallets: reconditioned (repaired) and remanufactured.


We provide the same level of attention and materials in our used pallets as we do in all of our products. Used pallets can be purchased for up to 30% cheaper than new pallets.


We guarantee the quality and specifications of all our used pallets due to our standardized processes. That implies that if you buy pallets for various locations, you can expect the same Grade pallets to arrive at each one – guaranteed.

Buy Recycled Wood Pallets

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that buying wooden pallets can be a challenge.


Feel free to browse through some of the most common questions you may ask during the process and our helpful answers. For all other questions, feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.



What is the standard size of a GMA pallet? Expand


The standard size of a GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallet is 48×40.

What is the most common pallet size used in the automotive industry?Expand


The 48×45 pallet is the most often utilized pallet size in the automotive sector.


What are the benefits of using wood pallets compared to plastic pallets?Expand


A hardwood pallet is inexpensive to produce, simple to repair, and may be used again to transport a wide range of commodities across the state and country. They can also support substantially more weight than plastic pallets.